Qloak FAQs

Qloak is a location-based dating app for iOs and Android that's all set to revolutionize online dating. Our mission? We're committed to eliminate dating horrors from your life. User photos are initially hidden, which means you have all the freedom to build a profile that perfectly reflects your personality and expectations.

User photos are initially hidden, which means you have all the freedom to build a profile that perfectly reflects your personality and expectations. Also, once you've set up your location preference, you only swipe right based on profile information of the other person.

And here's more, our unique algorithm gauges your compatibility percentage based on your responses to fun "would you rather" questions.

Also, your photos are Qloaked till each person sends 10 meaningful messages. Take your time. Get to know each other better.

But here's the rub: each Qloaked conversation has a 7-day threshold. If you take too long to respond with the required number of messages, the conversation disappears for good.

Yes, Qloak is completely free to download and use.

Qloak is available currently on Playstore and App Store for download.

Once you download the app, you simply sign up using Facebook. We currently allow only Facebook users to sign up. We will be expanding to allow other services to sign up in future.

Your location is set automatically based on your present location. You cannot manually change it to any other location.

You can access preferences from settings. You can set the following preferences:

You have the option of uploading pics from your facebook albums or your phone gallery.

Hopefully, you decided to leave because you found someone 😊 You can delete your account by going in settings and selecting “Delete account” button.

We know how tiresome and mundane it can be to type out in detail so that other users can know a bit of what you are like. We have decided to take the boring out of the equation and make it fun.

Answer fun would you rather questions and your matches can know more about what your preferences/ personality is like so they can find out if you are compatible or not. Our unique algorithm also takes this into account by showing you matches that you are most compatible.

So keep calm and play on!

You can access this from the home/ matches screen. At the bottom of the screen, you can see “I’d rather”. You can either pull it up or tap on it to open the screen.

Once you tap on the profile, on the top right, you’ll see a ‘d rather button. Tap on that to see the answers.

From home screen, you can like by swiping right. You can dislike by swiping left. Alternatively, you have heart button and dislike button for liking and disliking respectively.

No, unfortunately you cannot at the present time.

You can tap on the profile card to view the users information/ demographics/ interests/ I’d rather answers

Make sure you have the push notifications enabled so you are notified when you receive a match. The conversation automatically opens for newly matched users under Qloaked conversation.

Each qloaked conversation has a 7-day threshold – which means it expires 7 days from the day you two matched.

You can stop it from expiring by passing the 10 messages threshold. Each user has to send 10 messages each and conversation will no longer expire. The picture of the user gets clearer as you inch closer to the 10 messages threshold. Once this threshold has passed, you can view each other’s complete profile with all the pictures. The conversation moves from Qloaked conversation tab to active conversation tab at this point.

Since the conversation is no longer set to expire, you can see the conversation in Active conversations tab.

If you and your match don’t send 10 messages each within the 7 days from the day you two matched, the conversation will disappear.

It’s not dependent on time. It’s dependent on the number of messages you each send. The pics get clearer as each of you send messages. After both of you have sent 10 messages each, you can see the picture clearly and can also view other pictures of the match, if he/she has them on their profile.

Qloaked conversation is set to expire 7 days after the match if you don’t pass the 10 messages threshold.

There are two instances why the message would disappear:

No, this is not possible.

If you think someone is creating an unsafe environment for everyone based on their conversation with you, let us know. Go to the chat window, on the right you will see “…” option à tap on it à select report.

On the right of the chat window, you will see “…” option à tap on it à select unmatch

You can drop us a message at hello@goqloak.com and we’ll be sure to get back to you.