Our Mission

Ever had high expectations from a date that turned out to be a snooze fest? Soon you're frantically reaching for your phone and speed texting your friend under the table to bail you out. 

Millennials often wear their socially awkward status as a badge of honour, but nobody wants to be on an awkward first date. 

"Do I like him or is he just tall?" 

Swiping based only on profile photos has led to an unhealthy and superficial dating culture where people struggle to make a real connection. The sole reason? Lack of meaningful conversation. At Qloak , we're ready to hit a reset button on online dating. 

We believe showcasing your personality first is the best way to start a conversation. After all, good conversations are the key to enriching experiences and help to build the foundation of a fulfilling relationship. 

When you match on Qloak, your first date doesn't have to feel like a job interview. We strive to make your interaction on the platform as fun and easy going as possible so that when you finally meet up, you're in a zone of comfort.